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Wall 11: Minimal G

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minimal-gToday I left the coffee maker on when we went to school.  The apartment did not burn down.  I trusted in technology, and some nameless chinese manufacturer, to not ignite my kitchen and my kittens, and my stuffed animals.  It would have started on the right side, like today’s wallpaper, and spread inward into the precious space I play in, work in, and pay money to call my own.  

There is talk to raise the minimum wage again.  I can’t get out of college soon enough.  I’ll need my salary to pay for a $3 can of soup, because that will happen if politicians keep throwing money at problems instead of thinking about them.  I wish we were more Athens and less Persia.

Meg and I may start ballroom dance.  Anyone who knows me knows I was meant to dance.

Oh, and old people shouldn’t be able to dissect the merits of differing zombie movies.  I hate the art lounge, and love my mp3 player.


Written by brianmz

February 12, 2009 at 3:37 pm

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