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Wall 15: Sinews

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I mentioned Stephen King and Stephanie Meyer yesterday, and I had a spike of traffic.  So let’s try a search engine optimization (SEO) experiment

Captain Sully, my Hero, went to a President’s Day Sale! looking for a Jonas Brother’s CD packaged with Twilight.  There, he ran into Barack Obama promoting his new stimulus plan.  After selecting an iPod, Blue-Ray player, and Laffy-Taffy, he proceeded to the checkout.  Waiting in line was Bernard Madoff, eager to sell his old worn out unfashionable jewelry for cash!  Sully, always a fit man, also bought a no-work ab workout on impulse.  Leaving the store, Sully hopped into his Toyota Prius and headed for the Early Show, the Today Show, and the Late Show, leafing through a pamphlet, “An Army of One,” distributed by the US Army.

Sometimes, I have so much pent-up energy all I want to do is use it on something meaningful.  What I find out is, that everything is connected, and how well I make breakfast each morning is just as important as my grades and how fiercely I love.

Written by brianmz

February 16, 2009 at 3:41 pm

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