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a comment by “once again” from  the blog http://sob.apotheon.org, post entitled “Did OOP do this to us?”

This post shows a quite typical pattern in internet blogging.. A person P had an opinion O about an issue I, not because he himself came up with O, but because it was something that was planted to him by school, peers or etc (i.e. taught). Now later on, P starts doing some thinking of his own about I, goes heureka and understands something more about I. Because he never had a reason to doubt O, it comes as a shock to P that suddenly O seems to have some flaws. Now, being a good internet blogger, P goes and writes an article A about it on the web. Giving a finalizing touch, some other reader that had accepted O without doing any thinking reads A, goes “wow!”, and finds the need to tell the whole world about it on a big community site, like Reddit. The result – hundreds of people going “Right, Sherlock, good thing you have a brain.” on the article.

So true.  Have you done this?  Have I?


Written by brianmz

February 23, 2009 at 11:09 am

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