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Wall 29: Spectre

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Like an oscillating fan turned on its side, I can also look down.  That trend, well, it can trend downward as well.  What’s left when you pass through the narrows of Now?  Memories and intentions.  Dreams and scars.  And a heart beat. 

Coffee has become my cigarettes.  The idea has consumed me beyond the experience.  I guess that is more efficient: using the idea of something instead of itself to comfort you.  I can hide as long as I can think, and can think as long as I can hide.  Yes, cyclic and comfortable.  Opinion O meeting Idea I.  But there is a World W out there, and I intend to share my Input and for others to see my Output.  I/O, emo, I got so emotional baby, everytime I think of you…ou…ou.  

I think I need some coffee.  It makes my heart beat harder, and I can feel everything anew.


Written by brianmz

March 2, 2009 at 2:36 pm

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