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[Maybe I’ll say something later.]

EDIT:  That same guy peeled an entire banana and grasped the yet gross part with his entire palm and calmly ate it.  

I am thinking of upgrading to Linux, but really what I need is a new house.  This Rube Goldberg actually makes sense, I swear.  I really want a desktop environment to experiment with Linux, but my current home setup requires borrowing interenet from a neighbor.  We are lending it, they are borrowing it.  Meg would be proud.  Meg’s brute of a desktop that I converted with Linux does not have internet access.  And why use that one in the future when I could build a new system just in time for the next Ubuntu?  So, naturally, I need a house with my own internet, a dedicated server in an oak-paneled office with shelves and shelves of books, panoramic window views of our yard, a fireplace, three monitors surrounding my office chair and a cat-nap-lap.  Let’s see, all that will only cost about $250,000.  

Donations welcome.


Written by brianmz

March 3, 2009 at 7:20 am

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