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Sometimes I am at a loss for words.  And when that happens, I switch to a purer form of energy.  Hence, I’ve gotten a lot done recently.  Visit http://www.brianmuenzenmeyer.com to see some more of me.  I’m working on converting it completely to CSS compliance to prove once and for all that I can do it.  The change should be seemless and unnoticed.  

Again, I am indebted to the volume controls of my Zune.  I really don’t want to hear a punk talk to a has-been hippie about changing time signatures for a chorus.  Yes, I know it’s probably hard.  Yes, I can hear a successful band doing just than right now.

I discussed the importance of blogging with a man today.  It really is a decent form of communication in this day and age.  Why doesn’t everyone have one?  Now that would be some network, and some silence! as a punk and a has-been hippie discuss changing time signatures for a chorus.  

Then, I’d like to see them get it into 140 characters.


Written by brianmz

March 9, 2009 at 2:26 pm

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