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Wall 39: Flirt

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A raised eyebrow.  A sly smile.  An almost imperctable kiss.  Long after you’ve “locked that down,” you can still keep it interesting.  Like today, when I made breakfast for Meg while she was getting ready and burned the eggs.  She had poptarts.  Or last night when I was making a Lipton pastaside and the milk boiled over.  She ate that :D  

Persistance is key.  

One of our cats watches water dribble down the shower walls.  He doesn’t know when enough potential energy builds up to make a droplet fall, but he stares nonetheless.  Then he licks it up.  Then I accidently lock him in the bathroom all night.


Spring break soon, woo! [Lifts shirt]

actually, I don’t know how to tap into that causeless exuberance.  A childhood aquantaince comitted suicide recently.  I can still picture him vividly.  Like some cliche’, we played football on the street at my cousin’s.  I don’t know how to feel about it.  I never liked him; or he never liked me.  I don’t know which.  It was just sort of understood.  

But now, today, with this new knowledge, I am humbled.   Have I flirted with the thoughts that he had?  Where did our respective actions bifurcate?  The dreaded “what-if?”  I know a number of you know what I am talking about.  

The world would be a better place with a daily dose of humility.  I worry though that the cost is too great for sustained change.  There is a lot of ground to make up, and I fear our stepping stones would be culled from the lot of us.

It makes me hold Meg a little tighter.  Or is it she that holds me?


Written by brianmz

March 12, 2009 at 9:44 am

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