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A.D.D. Desktopping

Wall 52: Severance

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Meg’s artist statement:

I want to create art that is entirely about what I want my process to be, my own choice of materials, my chosen size. I struggle with the parameters set by professors and academic institutions. I don’t feel that I’ve grown at all as I’ve progressed through my formal education. It’s almost like a slow, sad death of my creativity… I feel I need to start working out the bizarre thoughts inside of my head, or rather they need to come out in this way rather than in unexpected awkward spurts at unnecessary times like when I’m at work. There’s just too many rules to each project one is given that I don’t feel like I have the room I need to make something my own. I’m like a bratty child. Too many rules just make me want to have a tantrum (and nothing productive comes from that).

I love this woman

Written by brianmz

March 25, 2009 at 10:55 am

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