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Twice now in a short time, I have had to listen to two couples discover the wonders of Vegas.  I am convinced it is the refuge of the damned, degenerate and stupid.  The man (that I like to think is illiterate for a different but probably related incident) this morning was soapboxing the wonders of Sin City and gambling there.  

The only thing I heard was the “eh?” at the end of each sentence.  Don’t people know the Nevada Aquifer is dried out?  Borrowed time, people!  And “living it up” there will only make your life back in reality that much shittier (if I’m swearing here, you know it’s serious).  Go back to cleaning your floors.  No wait, go back to school.

The other couple is worse in all aspects.  Why raise a child when you could get a free baby sitter, collect unemployment, and go to Vegas for a week?  Yippee!

Someday, the world may come crashing down for these folks.  It may not.  Either way, I’ll try not to vent too much, and definitely not think of them while I build a house instead of bet against one.  I’ll take those odds every time, no matter how much harder it may seem.



Written by brianmz

April 5, 2009 at 1:31 pm

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