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Wall 67: Terminal

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Today marks a slight change.  I rendered Terminal at 1600 by 1127, 4000 quality.  It took 4 hours and 10 minutes with 250 MB of unchallenged CPU time.  The smaller the wallpapers are displayed, the better they seem to look.  Also, to save load time, I displayed it much smaller, so you will have to click (like usual, but more evident than ever) the image to view it in full.  To Mandy, who has said that some of the walls seem pixely.  I agree.  By stretching to a native 1024×768 resolution, the image is actually shrunken to size, hopefully pseudo-antialiasing.  Mind you, a lot of this technical stuff I’m pulling out of my half-taught ass.  Not taut.  Unless I’m striping to “I’m Too Sexy.”   Anyway, let me know if this in any way helps.  If so, I can continue this practice. 

From now on, I will tag the size each wall for reference.   Tonight if I can settle on tomorrow’s wall I’m going to try a super quality render, upwards of 20000, to see if that helps.  Or I can devote an entire computer to my daily wallpaper blog, which seems worth it right?  

Boy could I use that Indian billionaire now.  Even an African Prince millionaire.


Written by brianmz

April 9, 2009 at 4:42 pm

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