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Wall 79: Noir

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Tonight, Uppy and I are going to write a continuing chapter of….


Mommy wasz happy. She knew that the plumber would be able to fix this messy situation. He did so on a regular basis. He could unclog anything. Hell, his initials were BM. And then, there was the promise of Splash Bay Adventure.

“Splash Bay Adventure!” Upton said with throaty enthusiasm. He pressed himself up against the glass of the plumber’s car. The car sounded excited too, but then Upton realized it was rjun dowen and just angry.

“I promise I’ll take you there after we take care of this mess,” the plumber said.

“Yeah right. You’ll probably just karate chop me again.” Upton harrumphed. The plumber often karate chpped Upton’s spirits. “you arfednt much of a morning person.ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ”

“hey, no need to mocvk.

“Where is this place anyways?” the plbumber asked.

“I dont know. It was past my bedtime last night. It was dark. Musta been around 10:30 o so. Wait, pull in here.” Upton pointed at an old brick building with an alley in the back. The bricks faded and crubmeled in spots. A small cellar door tucked itself away alogn the alley.

They got out and walked down the alley. The shades on a seconfd sotry window peeped open and then shut again. Upton knocked once more on the door to the speakeasy.

*crfunchc rfunc hc rfunch!

This time there was no answer.

Babyface “beanpaw” Upton adjusted his trenchcoat. The plumber pulled up his pants.

From the street, tires sqealed. The plumber’s car flashed past thealley.

“My lunger was in there. No what are we gonna do?”

“And your monkey wrenhc! AhahhahhahahahahQ!” Upton cackeld.

“I have one idea. One idea,” Max said, emerging from the shdaows of the alleyway. “I’ll get you in the club. I know the password.”

“What is it?” the plumber asked. “It’s only getting wetter in there.” Upton’s eyebrows furrowed curiosuly.

Max came closer. “One Orange. One Orange.”

“Two Oranges?”

“No.  One Orange. One Orange.”

“Let’s get in there.” Upton said.


Written by brianmz

April 21, 2009 at 10:30 am

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