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Wall 86: Pandemic!

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pandemicI am probably not showing proper reverence to the severity of the situation.  People are dying right now from this Swiney flu.  But let’s run down a few observations taken from current events:

 Be glad you are in America.  Why?


Mexican infection rates, and reports of a lack of medical supplies down south, convince me more than ever that it is a failed-state.  I’m sure strictly speaking that it isn’t one, but…

– It cannot provide basic emergency health-care for it citizens (people being turned away from small healthcare infrastructure)

– It cannot provide a specialized and adequate response to community-level outbreaks (not      enough masks, not enough medication)

– Let’s not even mention the drug war.


The U.S., the antithesis of #1, is in far better shape.  I also received a courtesy email from my university stating that two of its students were currently in Mexico, not near the epicenter, and were safe.  Upon return, they would not become a threat to the student populace.  The governement on every level seems poised to understand and contain local outbreaks.  

I am already seeing people whining that this is another false-alarm.  I’d rather be too careful and alive than carefree and dead.  Do people forget SARS?  Do you remember what it stood for?  I doubt it.  Avian Flu?  The 191x’s?  

Big Gov’t is good for some things.  I’m sick of people taking such a black and white partisan view of the world.  The beauty (Megan will agree with me that I know this one) is in the subtle shades of gray.


Written by brianmz

April 28, 2009 at 9:32 am

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