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Wall 88: Signal vs Noise Suite

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Today I am proud to show you my latest work.  Signal is a beauty.  I managed to render it during the school day yesterday, allowing for the usual night-time render time to complete….

noiseNoise…. which is positively menacing as a background.  It loos like there is a whole in your screen, reaching deep, deep down into the depths of your soul.  I’m really happy with this suite.

I would like to define some terminology:

A comparison is when I give you two essentially identical wallpapers with differing background colors.

A suite is when I present multiple wallpapers of the same general theme, but of differing content.

I would also like to mention that I took a considerable (8 hours and change) gamble to produce Noise.  When rendering, all I saw was black.  I couldn’t separate it easily from the Apophysis background…. so it was a pleasant surprise to see it turn out alright in the negative version (that’s what I call the renders minus the backgrounds)

I do know that this name constuct is not unique.  Enjoy anyways.  And stay safe, everyone.  Also, don’t sneeze on me.


Written by brianmz

April 30, 2009 at 9:11 am

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