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Wish that strange line was not in the middle.  Oh well, I am not about to throw away 10+ hours of work.  On a good note, I can render while working thanks to the 6 gigs (6!) of RAM my new lappy has under the hood.  Rendering, chatting, and working only consumes about 70% available RAM, so I’m pretty happy with the boost in productivity.

Noir Upton Chapter III

“Two Oranges?” the plumbher just dfidn’t getb it.

“No.  It’s not like that.  Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhgh, Daddy!”

It was trrue.  It was not something that either liked to admit.   The plumber, because he needed to maintain his credibility in the communtiy as the best fixer of wet things.  Babyface “Beanpaw” Upton, because he didn;t want pepole to get the wrong idea.

With Max’s password, the cellar foor opened.  The steps were littered with bottlecaps and milk cartons.  A tiny polar bear sat, head cocked, legs collected on the stool.  The doorman, your friend with the right words.  Otherwise, a pent up mass of pvc pellets and attitude.

They readched the bottom of the cellar.  By now little booties were provided to speakeasy patrons.  Upton and the plumbed slopped some on.  Upton fit snugly into one entirely.  The plumbed put Max on his shoulder.

“We gotta find the source of all this water,” tje plumber said.  “Whjere could it all be coming from?”

“One way.  One way.”

The plumber got excited. He pointed down the hallway in each direction.  “Which way Max?”

Uppy ignored the plumber, instead pushing off  the bottom most step and floating down the bar.  “I see it!  It was too dark last night.  Look!”

The soft dribble of water betrayed exactly where Upton pointed.  An entire bank of Drink-Well Fountains lined the far wall of the speakeasytl.  Their soft waterfalls cycled filtered water and generated small tiny bubbles into the bar.

“A ha!  Don’t you see?”

“No.  I’m suddenly too thirsty to think!”

“Exactly.  These Drink-Wells encourage healthy hydration.  The subtle noise of cascading water throughout the bar must be doubling, NO, trippling the profits of the speakjeasy.”


“I’m thirsty.”

“Nevermind that.  There’s no time to waste!”  Upton said, paddling bacjk to the stairs.  The plumber sat Max gently down on the stool next to the bouncer as he ascended the cellar and followed Uptomn.

Max and Palmer the Bouncer exchanged a loook. “Grumbles won’t like this.  The Cave won’t run without the Drink-Wells.”

Outside, Upton adjusted his trenchoat. “Any ideas how we can stop the Drink-Wells.”

“The only way to stop this is to find a creature so fearless no water nor thirst nor stuffed animal will scare it away.  Fortunately, I know three.”

“Where are they?”

“In my van.”

Upton recalled the plumber’s van, its tires squeling into the day moments before.

“DOn’t worry.  I had Boogie wait around the corner, in case this would happen.  Good help is hard to find these datss you know.”


Boogie trotted up the the duo, untangling herself from a low hanging street banner along the way.  Her mane flirted with the wind at heights only she could maintain.  Her spots blurred with motion and grace and lankeyness.

Upton climbed aboard Boogie’s long neck.  The plumber felt satisfied with the trusty giraffe’s back.  Upton called out, pointing in the direction of the errant van…

“Mush mush, Boogie Boogie!” and they were off.


Written by brianmz

May 26, 2009 at 6:50 pm

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  1. I like this one. Reminds me of peacock feathers that I remember seeing as a child. Enjoyed the “Upton files too!”

    polish mama

    May 27, 2009 at 8:52 pm

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