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I do not comment much anymore.  That will hopefulyl change soon, especially come February.  So take my usual brevity into consideration.

The Salon  has an article here http://open.salon.com/blog/kent_pitman/2008/11/20/college_an_overpriced_monopoly

Let me be the first to say I find truth in much of the content and condemnations.  Never have I felt more like a customer than in college.  Never have we been nickle and dimed so callously.  Free parking is now $1– for visitors.  Books.  I won’t even mention that scam.  Mandatory meal plans safeguard student’s health.  My fiancé had to email three people and bug a professor 2 times in order to get a $19 course fee back.  Why was it so hard to wrench from the system?  Because someone has to pay for the new multimillion dollar student center, where you can get subs, hamburgers, smoothies, anything fried, and of course plates of four-square meals just like mommy used to make for you.  $8.

But don’t worry!  You can pay for it all on your ID card.  It’s a credit card too.  Did I mention that?  You can swipe it at vending machines, the coffee shop, local businesses… so convenient.

And you’d think the first day of school was prom…no, more like a rave… the way everyone gets dolled up.  After we are done impressing each other its back to sweatpants, uggly boots and those athletic rubber bands that I don’t get.

Now now now, before I get too ahead of myself I must admit, a lot of this is deserved.  I mean, delicate minds would be too shocked if they didn’t have only the best to go along with the new Macbook daddy just bought them.  Apple’s are so scarily prevalent that it’s now uncool in my book to have one.  Oh wait, that viewpoint never changed.  Apple has a “club” on campus that basically sells Macbooks to student’s through an intermediary ala those purse/candle/sextoy pyramid sales schemes.

So yes, much of the Salon article is truth.

The next thing I was going to say was:

[But for every fashionista, trendsurfer, and daddie’s boy/girl is a student paying their way, tooth and nail, ramen and beater, child and chores alike to make up for them]

But that’s not true.  It really isn’t.  The ratio of unmotivated entitled brats to committed, driven adults (most are over 18 right?) is closed to 4:1 or worse.

In one class last semester, the average on the final exam was a D.  One student, a brilliant smart-mouthed asshole that flirted with the professor, just as quickly “hoped she got in a car accident so we don’t have to take the exam.”

You can bet your sweet ass I want to face him head to head for a job.

And  that’s the kicker.  That’s all I have motivating me, aside from my own personal growth.  How many student’s truly want to be there day in and day out?  I wish they’d leave.  And then I wish they’d not.  They make my life easier, academically and already professionally.

Hold me to this:

Some of us care.  Some of us have plans.  Some of use know the value, not the price of education.

[Incidently, education is free.  Diplomas are not.  Think value, not price.  And thank Oscar Wilde: http://ocw.mit.edu/OcwWeb/web/courses/courses/index.htm ]

And it’s not too late for you.  Take up the silent torch.  Let the others thrive.  To Hell with them.  It won’t matter if you are what you believe you are.

It won’t matter.  It doesn’t matter.

“When there’s nothing left to burn you must set yourself on fire.”


Written by brianmz

August 3, 2009 at 6:47 pm

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  1. nice.


    August 5, 2009 at 6:02 am

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